Wednesday, January 27, 2016

T65 X-Wing Starfighter

Another old model for repair!! Now it's time for T65 X-Wing Starfighter!! I built this model about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, this model have not survived moving home. During disassembling the model to parts, it turned out that each could be dismantled without resistance. To build the model I use these two glues: Revell 39606 Liquide Special and Revell 39602 Klej Contacta Cement. A lot of parts were damaged before disassembly.

I started the repairment of wings. Once again, I watched the movie and search for photos and blueprints on the Internet. I added a few changes in the wings. On the photo below You can see that desing of inner parts of the wings was not accurate. I added piece of plastic.

The wings were bent a bit. This can be seen in the closed position. I had to add neodymium magnets at the ends of the wings.

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