Monday, November 13, 2017

Fortress gate to “West Complex Fortress” (chapter - 2)

In a previous post I presented a brief history of Fortress gate is "West Complex Fortress". In this post I will present my preparation to build the gate.In a previous post I presented a brief history of Fortress gate is "West Complex Fortress". In this post I will present my preparation to build the gate.

Dimensions of bricks in 1:72 scale are:

250 x 120 x 60 mm /76 = 3,47 x 1,67 x 0,83 mm

The work I began by preparing sheets of bricks that will form the walls of the two columns. First, I> used two plastic sheets of different thicknesses. One sheet had a thickness of 0.5 mm, the second had a thickness of 0.25 mm. I have cuted a thin sheet into thin strips with 0.8 mm width. I smear end of the strip with glue. Smeared with glue end of the strip I put on a thicker sheet. I quickly trimmed to a length of 2mm end of the strip. When the glue has not dried yet, I moved the long piece of strip at a distance of about 0.2 mm. I repeated this whole process several hundred times. Of course I used a ruler.


After a few lines of bricks I was very tired. I found on the internet shop, where there are sheets of plastic walls of bricks. A product of Auhagen. The plates are in H0 scale or 1:87 scale. But difference between 1:87 and 1:72 is small, so I think it will not be notice.


Friday, September 30, 2016

7.5 cm ANTI-TANK GUN PAK 40/L46 - BATTLE DIORAMA [TAMIYA, 1:35, 35047]

I have a lot of models that are in boxes in my stock. I was wondering how I can combine them to build for example a diorama. It turned out that I have enough kits to make such combinations.
Nadmiar modeli w szafie zmusił mnie do podjęcia decyzji, które modele mogę wykonać jednocześnie. Zastanawiałem się, które modele mogę połączyć tak by wykorzystać je np. do budowy dioramy. Okazało się, że mam dość zestawów by zrobić takie kombinacje.

I found in my stock one of the older models from ITALERI "House Ruin" in 1:35 scale [no. Cat. 414, '95]. I bought it for about 4 EUR in a toy store. Model looks like diorama for battle games (wargaming). I also have several models of anti-aircraft guns. Most of them are models from Tamiya.
Znalazłem jeden ze starszych modeli ITALERI "House Ruin" w skali 1:35 [nr. kat. 414]. Kupiłem go kiedyś za 15 PLN w jakimś sklepie z zabawkami. Model wygląda jakby był przygotowany do budowy dioramy do gier bitewnych (wargaming). W szafie mam też kilka modeli dział przeciwlotniczych. W większości są to modele firmy TAMIYA.

Model of ITALERI as you can see in the photographs is quite poor in detail. No details in places where they should be such as defects in the plaster walls makes parts flat.
Makieta ITALERI jak widać na fotografiach jest dość uboga w detale. Brak wypukłości w miejscach gdzie powinny być ubytki w tynku czy detale ścian, powodują, że elementy wyglądają bardzo płasko.

I removed some plastic from one of the walls and I added destroyed bricks.
Usunąłem fragment jednej ze ścian i dodałem zniszczone cegły.

On the wall I've put on strips of plastic to make them more realistic. It took me a little time.
Na części modeli dokleiłem paski plastiku tak by nadać wypukłości ścianom. Zajęło mi to niewiele czasu.

I also added the stairs, windows, and I remade the door.
Dodałem też schodki, okna, oraz przerobiłem drzwi.

After adding almost all the details, I checked whether these walls fit together.
Po dodaniu niemalże wszystkich detali przymierzyłem do siebie obydwie części ściany.

I joined both halves of the walls. I checked whether they fit into the base of dioramas. I came to the conclusion that the place of walls on the flat surface looked quite dull. That's why I added an extra band under the walls. Now the walls are not sited directly on the ground.
Przymierzyłem obydwie już sklejone ściany do przygotowanej wcześniej podstawy dioramy. Doszedłem do wniosku, że postawienie ścian na takiej płaskiej powierzchni wyglądało dość nieciekawie. Dlatego też dodałem dodatkową opaskę przed ścianami. Teraz ściany nie są posadowione bezpośrednio na gruncie.

The pictures show finished destroyed brick. It is still necessary to add a little debris to the ground.
Wykończyłem ukruszone cegły. Konieczne jest jeszcze dodanie trochę gruzu przy gruncie.

In the next post I will show more items added to the diorama. They will include window, door, the road that leads to the stairs, details of the building, etc.
W kolejnym wpisie pokażę kolejne elementy dodane na dioramie. Będą to okno, drzwi, droga prowadząca do schodów, dodatki do budynku, itp.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

T65 X-Wing Starfighter

Another old model for repair!! Now it's time for T65 X-Wing Starfighter!! I built this model about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, this model have not survived moving home. During disassembling the model to parts, it turned out that each could be dismantled without resistance. To build the model I use these two glues: Revell 39606 Liquide Special and Revell 39602 Klej Contacta Cement. A lot of parts were damaged before disassembly.

I started the repairment of wings. Once again, I watched the movie and search for photos and blueprints on the Internet. I added a few changes in the wings. On the photo below You can see that desing of inner parts of the wings was not accurate. I added piece of plastic.

The wings were bent a bit. This can be seen in the closed position. I had to add neodymium magnets at the ends of the wings.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dunsfold Aerodrome - Top Gear Race Track

I needed a good background to take pictures. I've always done it on a white background. I came up with the idea to do stand to product images. I liked these signs on the runway at the airport in Dunsfold Aerodrome. Place known as the Top Gear Race Track. It was enough to 30 minutes, so I did the background. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Krupp Protz Kfz.69 - diorama (chapter - 5)

Before I start making border on new base of diorama, I have to finish all pavement blocks. Each blocks is and will be made separately. I guess it will be about 120 new blocks. Each block has a chamfer.