Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fortress gate to “West Complex Fortress”

Location ...

The gate is located in Poland (Europe) on the Usedom Island (in Polish: Uznam), on the Jachtowa street. Geographical coordinates are 53.916213,14.274155. The gate is located at “West Complex Fortress”. Below is map with the exact location.

A Brief History of ...

Fortress gate to “West Complex Fortress” was probably built in the years 1870-1880. From the beginning the gate was a land crossing to the island where is West Fort, also known as Redoubts. The gate was used not only for transport - it was used for defensive function - it was caponier. The gate consists of two pairs of columns. Each pair of columns also has two heavy steel gate, riveted. Between pairs of columns there is a wall. In each wall are located to the openings for shooting positions. Looking from the entrance - behind the gate was a moat. In the columns are located to the metal parts (wheels), which probably were used to raise the bridge.

Restoration ...

For many years, the gate was in the power of occupants who attacked Poland. In the 90's the Polish authorities took control of the entire fort complex. Buildings, fort, shelters, the gate was destroyed by vandals. City councilors were not interested about the situation of these buildings. Nature also tried to regain what once belonged to it. In 2011, the city councils decided to renovate the gate - now it is a monument. [more in polish article on] Gate regained its former appearance. Unfortunately bridge was not rebuilt. The moat is only a shadow of what could be in the beginning.

Exhibition and competition ...

I am determined to build this diorama. I really would want to present this diorama in the contest. The competition and exhibition for modelers is called "Szczecinski Paprykarz Modelarski"1 (more about SPM). I don't take part in the contest with the intention of winning. I want to show my diorama and take a good time with my family.

1 Szczecinski Paprykarz is the most famous fish paste from Szczecin (Poland). More in the Wikipedia.

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